madCorum Real Estate Group, Inc.

Dear Bob,

I would like to take the time to thank you and your employees for the excellent job that they provide for us on a regular basis. I would like to personally thank you for always being responsive to my requests and putting up with me on the phone and extend to all at Choice Electric for your quality service.


Tyron K. Pillar

Chief Engineer




The Children’s Hospital

Service is discussed a lot these days. It’s a hot item to me as the manager of a healthcare business office. That’s why service is something I notice. I want to be clear on what good service feels like from the customer’s point of view so that I can help my staff develop habits that deliver service.

I had a pleasant lesson from Mike on Monday morning. I hoped he would be on time fro out 7:00am appointment. He was early. Not too much, just a bit. He was friendly but not in a smothering manner (many folks with good intentions just overdo it). He was most efficient. The job was completed in the time you told me it would take. The price was fair.

He was cheerful and cooperative throughout the process. I wanted you and him to know that the way he does his work matters to your customers as much as the high quality does. I’m grateful. Thanks so much.


Cathy Corcoran

5922 Culebra Court

Golden, CO. 80403




First Horizon Merchant Services

Dear Bob,

I want to thank you for the exemplary job that Choice Electric has done to convert our data center power to a new UPS system. Choice has long been the electrical company of choice for First Horizon and again you have shown us why your attention to detail, communication and willingness to do whatever is needed to complete the job.

Our VP of IT once mentioned to me that the best indicator of a trustworthy datacenter vendor is if you don’t know that they are there. Your crews quietly went about their work and made the transition to a new UPS system seen routine.

Thank you again for the great work.


David Dumler

Director of Facilities